Saturday, January 30, 2010

Correspondence from Tom Bresenhan about Joseph Priestley House and the National Park Service

I have now received a note from Tom Bresenhan, President of the Friends of Joseph Priestley House. I am encouraged by his confirmation that they will be speaking to the local congressional representatives about having the site evaluated by the National Park Service. The text of his note follows:

"Thanks for your note.

The Friends plan to conduct tours on weekend afternoons from mid-March to the end of November and special events such as Summer History Camp in July. We feel confident based on our experiences with tours and events in the fall of 2009. We expect to sign a Management Agreement with the PA Historical and Museum Commission in February which will continue state ownership and maintenance of the site as well as the utility bills. The Friends will be responsible for programming.

The Friends Board this year will be looking longer term, and your suggestion is one we will evaluate. I will contact our local Congressman's office to start the process with the National Park Service to evaluate the site and its circumstances.

As this moves forward we will keep in touch, through the newsletter and by email.

My sense now is, although the state's financial situation is precarious, it will improve this year leading to greater security in the PHMC [Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission] and more dependability in its relationships with management organizations. From this improved perspective we can then look toward the future with more certainty. This may lead to a greater role for the Park Service.

Thanks again for the note and your concern.

Tom Bresenhan"

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