Friday, September 4, 2009

Restoration Begins on One of the Oldest Modern Computers

I just found this article about the WITCH computer at Bletchley Park which they are going to attempt to restore. It is a 1950s era machine based upon telephone relays and vaccuum tube technology.  It is an interesting read.
I will try to post additional information on this as I have time and I find it. There appears to be very little out there and I can see inaccuracies all over the place.

There is now a considerable amount of information out there about this restoration project:

Here is a subsequent article about the WITCH developments during 2009

Here is the subsequent article about the WITCH developments during 2010

Here is the article about the WITCH during 2012

When completed, the WITCH will be the oldest working computer.  This is a monumental project.
If you look at the detailed reports above as to what actually has to be done to resurrect this fossil you would not want to get started on it.


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