Friday, September 25, 2009

Friends to Staff Reopened Priestley House Temporarily

In an article in the Daily Item, Sunbury, PA, dated two hours ago it has been reported that the Friends of Joseph Priestley House have just signed an agreement with the State of Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commissipn to reopen and staff the Priestley House with volunteer members starting Octover 3.  The Friends will also financially support certain aspects of keeping the site open.  This came about due to the budget cuts that forced the Commission to have closed the site earlier this year on August 14.  The agreement was announced last evening at the annual dinner of the Friends.

This arrangement will allow the public to have access to this important historic landmark and museum until a more permanent arrangement can be found.  Both the state Historical and Museum Commission and the Friends are to be commended for the improvement to the situation.

There has been a press release issued by the Central Pennsylvania Susquehanna River Valley Vistitors Bureau on this in addition to the notice on the Joseph Priestley House website

Let's hope that a practical solution for perminent funding of the site can be found.

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