Saturday, July 25, 2009

Joseph Priestley Bas Relief Wax Portrait by D. Weaver

The last posting of a bas relief likeness of Dr. Priestley that I am posting is one by D. Weaver of Philadelphia, PA. 13 cm by 19.5 cm. I received this one as a present from my wife, so I don't have many details about how she acquired it. Picture will be uploaded as soon as possible. 

This rather striking portrait is a white wax bust on a black background in a gilt frame with glass cover. Dr. Priestley is facing to his right as in the Wedgwood medallion. Weaver used the wax by Guiseppe Cerracchi as the basis for her medallion.  The Cerracchi portrait was produced by Wedgwood in 1779 and was a large 12 inch model.  It is similar to the wax by Hackwood in 1779.  The difference between them being the hair/wig and collar.  It seems that Hackwood's was first and Cerracchi's similar but with the removal of the "Presbyterian parson's wig".

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