Monday, September 24, 2012

Stevie Wonder Opening Act For Bill Clinton

San Francisco (Dec. 8, 2010). Bill Clinton gave the keynote speech at the's DreamForce conference this evening. Due to the inclement weather President Clinton's plane was delayed. Consequently, Stevie Wonder and Mark Benioff had about a one hour discussion on Stevie Wonder's life and inspirations for his music.

At the conclusion of the discussion Stevie Wonder introduced the President. Clinton, upon taking to the podium Clinton said "never thought that a mediocre musician like myself would have Stevie Wonder as an opening act."

Clinton then got down to more serious topics including the disparity in wealth that has become woven into the American society. He cited statistics that there is more disparity in the US now than there ever was in Latin America and other developing nations. He referred to the need for Americans to think for the future.


Stevie Wonder and President Bill Clinton

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